Week 5 TV show

This will be interesting as I am a great fan of shows like “Suits” that feature some fantastic tunes which are different each week.   There is a wide range of artists that are being offered up as examples but I think I get the drift.  They are looking for a contemporary style with some melodic tones either both upbeat and ballad.  I love Hosier’s tune and it reminded me of a composition I did for two pianos that was played in concert at McGill called Wintre Cloudz.

It’s funny that sometimes you give up on an idea and then it comes together at the last minute.   It all starts with a small idea that gets added to by your collaborators and then becomes something different but better.  Case in point

I Don’t Believe in God Anymore  was fine then why – bring in the war and the horrors of returning and then trying to live normally.    The image of him in the vet’s hospital as his wife hands him the divorce papers is the final blow, but he takes it like a man.  The image of his wife (who he is singing to during the song) taking him over to the window to watch the snow geese fly south in the V which he says is the signal (originally it was salute) for the vets and also to be free.

Piano and voice only..

For Me There’s No God Anymore

Music by RB Martin Clarke and Michael Kelly Cavan, lyrics by RB Martin Clarke 2015



Sergeant Ken Tennant was one of the best

We were special detachment in Kandahar west

He prayed to the Lord to take care of each man

But a Warthog mistook us for Taliban

I remember it now oh remember too well

The heat and the pain as the friendly bombs fell

Now his wife and his son hold his medals of war

As for me there’s no God any more.



The generals asked for forgiveness

It was all a bad mistake

But my friends were lost

Their bodies tossed

How many more oh how many more will it



Take me a bit closer to the window oh please

Cuz the winter approaches I can hear the snow geese

Don’t you think its amazing how they fly in a V

It’s a sign to us vets it’s a sign to be free

You brought me these papers I’ll sign them of course

But for me this is the worst of the worst.

I don’t blame you for leaving but it and hurts to my core.

And for me there’s no God anymore

Then working with Ashley we were looking for something with a darker feel.  I came up with the idea of a vampire dog that comes to stalk the poor in the street.  Ashley wrote some chilling lyrics.  The hook of this is more the 3 part counterpoint in the chorus.    What is interesting is the two tones that go through the entire song  DED  I wanted the chord structure DEAD.  for obvious reasons but it didn’t work out with the two tones.

Black Dog Night


Music by RB Martin Clarke, Lyrics by Ashley Hayward and RB Martin Clarke

V1 – Tonight, the moon is dark

It’s red like young blood

Hear howls in the night

Oh tonight, the black dog prowls

Eyes glow in the dark

Teeth flash white.


V2 – Tonight, it silently stalks

Looking for the weak

Be careful as you walk

It smells your fear

Can’t run, can’t hide

Watch your back


V3- Tonight, your blood runs cold

You know it’s near

Hair stands on end

Oh tonight, Heartbeat racing

The bell tower tolls

Your time is here


Don’t go out there cos you won’t come back

Tonight, the moon is full

Tonight, the mist it hangs

Tonight, the back dog hunts

Don’t go out there cos you won’t come back


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