Week 3 Advertising spot

Well this is a challenge that turned out to be a lot of fun because it allowed us to go a little crazy… and it involved children who have very wonderful imaginations.

I had 3 ideas for this challenge.  The first was based on the idea that kids these days need to get outside and play and explore like I did when I was little.   So I came up with the title and idea of  Outside is Where the World Is.   I think, to a child, there is home and then outside is where the world begins.   I composed a very Disney like melody on piano but don’t have the pipes to make this effective.

It would be a good idea for the association I follow called Canadian Sports For Life and even for a fund raiser song for Sick Kids Hospital.  (kids stuck inside wanting to get out — one day they will)

I subsequently put it on the Facebook page and the very talented and super busy Michael Kelly Cavan liked it enough to take a crack at putting some lyrics and recording it.   I am looking forward the the results.   Interestingly, even in a short tune a key change is still interesting to the ear.  (starts in A Maj goes to C Maj then back to A Maj)

Learning – two heads are better than one – Michael Kelly came up with fantastic lyrics – much better than the ones I suggested… goes to show you..

When I was a kid and would drive my father nuts by asking “why” all the time.  I also had a crush on one of my teachers.. I used to go out of my way to pass by her house just in case.  It seemed a good opportunity to go a little humorous and use some animals that would work into a rhyme scheme.  This one worked out well, but I thought it might not be accepted because it might draw too much attention to the song and not the product.  (in the real world)

Creating the song was interesting because I started by recording a simple slide on my guitar  top e string and then looping it throughout the song, and then building on that with bluesy flute sound.   This was one that I could put my voice to because it was a fun piece .. not that serious.   The lyrics came fairly fast and worked out I think… the ending line was a surprise.. I don’t know where it came from .. but all of a sudden it was there… I’m In Love With My Science Teacher. 

Then I needed to have something that was more in line with the request.  I thought of a couple of kids dreaming of what they wanted to be, including anything fantastic.  I always loved flying and actually got my pilots license at the age of 16.  Also kids are fascinated by their bodies and how they work.  Then the title “In a Heartbeat” came to me which has actually two meanings.  One being the literal one and the other meaning in no time at all.  So I worked the two meanings into the song plus at the end the two kids exploring the beat of their hearts in their bodies.

I had an unused tune rattling around in my brain from my east coast musical project “Understand Newfoundland” and thought it might work.  I really try and do a proper job with rhyming and meter of the lyrics.  I kind of think of it as a word puzzle.  The right words are there you just have to find them.  And sometimes they come together.  This is one of those times I think.  Ideally for this one child would sing one part while the other the second and then they sing together at the end.

As for the song it occurred to me that the heart has a natural bass kick rhythm and I should simply duplicate it and have it as the only percussion in the song, then simply have a piano piece on top.  I think it works.

I asked if anyone could sing the second part and Ashley Hayward said that she would help.  I really like her singing style and I am very excited about what she can bring to the song.

It was the first time I ever sent a lyric and tune then received the voice back which I edited and put on top of the original track.  It worked yeh.  And Ashley’s voice was silky smooth, almost child like.

In a Heartbeat 

It was also a pleasure to make some wonderful contacts with multi talented and passionate people.  I hope to keep up the connections.  Collaboration is cool.


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